"Sanctuary of the Square" is magnificent. Serious in its subject and tonality, the exhibition raises a few of the most important questions of the current epoch. What is freedom? Where does it come from? What is security? Is it possible? Can freedom and security coexist? Does either truly exist at all?

The show is comforting in its playfulness and mastery of craft and simultaneously terrifying, as it does not shy away from the harsh realities we face. Instead, the work appeals to our more noble characteristics and suggests that yes, we can do better, but hard work is required and honesty is key.

~ Brian Morris, Brian Morris Gallery

In times of turmoil and upheaval, it is reassuring to experience art that is uplifting and spiritually vibrant. Discovering the art of Laurie Krasny Brown has been one of the pleasures of my art experience these past few years. Each visit to her studio was a bit like entering a Pandora's box of marvels. Her experiments in cutting up and piecing together intricate patterns of shifting colors have evolved in surprising ways. Working with simple materials such as paper, wire and string, she pieces together lyrical works of art on an intimate scale. When it comes to color, the works resonate in ways that are experienced viscerally and come close to visual magic.

~ Aarne Anton, American Primitive Gallery

Laurene Krasny Brown creates handsome and intricate works on paper, evocative of the finest American Folk Art in their color, textures, scale and spirit.

~ Brooke Davis Anderson, Executive Director, Prospect New Orleans

Laurene Krasny Brown offers us these exquisitely ordered assemblages... that draw us in and nurture our souls. Her work is truly and completely original, tantalizing the eye with a complex metamorphosis of color... like visual symphonies.

~ Barbara Krakow, Barbara Krakow Gallery

Rarely does a riot of pattern capitulate to quiet and motionless order the way it does in Laurene Krasny Brown's work. Even the witty use of materials does not disrupt the stilled, iconic refinement of her art. Symmetry, perpendicular intersections, repetition, and deep close-value color all contribute to its equilibrium and restraint. A unique, finely crafted body of work that crosses boundaries between painting and sculpture.

Asylum, an installation, takes the cumulative effect of pattern and order to higher frequency. The attentive hand, so present in Brown's other works, gives way to optical reverberations that take this work into edgier, more anxious space.

~ Meredith Fife Day, Art New England

I was fortunate enough to witness Laurie's solo exhibition, Paper Route, from its inception, and what a pleasure it was to observe Laurie's thorough commitment to excellence in both the creation of works... as well as other facets surrounding the show's production. She radiates "excellence" in all endeavors.

~ Suzan Redgate, Executive Director, Copley Society of Art

Scissors play a major role in Laurene Krasny Brown's working hours. With them, what starts out as a mammoth roll of heavyweight ivory-colored paper becomes, in her gifted hands, works of art bathed in color. Other shippable materials such as waxed linen, wire mesh, and corrugated cardboard have also crept into her compositions, which range from tiny to as big as a room.

~ Estelle Bond Guralnick, The Boston Globe